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  • Start by registering yourself or your business here.
  • You can register either in your personal capacity, or if you are an existing business and want to use this to distribute our SIMs, you can register your business. Just choose the correct tab at the top of the registration form.

  • Once you have registered, you can immediately place your first SIM order!
  • You will be required to send through certain documents necessary to complete your application via email. Your application will be assessed and once approved, you will be created as a distributor on our system. The application may take up to 5 working days to process, should all the documents submitted be correct.
  • You will receive confirmation of your account application from us via email. You can then login to your profile to order more SIM cards, manage your SIMs, view your commissions and download reports.
  • Please note that commission can only be paid to you once all documents have been received and approved.
  • Registering as a me&you mobile distributor is free! But you will be charged R29 for every SIM card you order. Should you wish to charge your customer a SIM fee, the recommended retail price is R29. Top Sales Tip: You may decide not to charge your customer a SIM fee. Remember, customers appreciate added value!
  • You will be charged for the delivery of the SIMs to your chosen address. The cost depends on the size of your order.
SIMs can be purchased in multiples of 50 – either Repluggable (Standard and Micro) or Nano SIM types. The minimum order quantity is 50, and a maximum quantity of 100 SIMs can be ordered at a time.
  • You can make use of either a Credit or Cheque Card or EFT to make payment. Should you opt to use EFT, please make use of the reference number provided and forward the proof of your payment to
  • EFT payments can take up to 3 working days to be processed / reflect on our system. Only then can your order be processed.
If your customer purchases a regular value bundle, you will receive 5% of the customer’s total monthly bill, including voice and data spend. If your customer purchases the Unlimited Talk bundle, you will receive 5% of the customer’s Out-of-Bundle spend, and the customers total data spend. This is payable from month 1.
Bundle Once off payment
Monthly Deals 100% of Value
Unlimited Talk R300
Monthly Data 50% of Value
Ongoing Commission
5% for all bundles

1 Upfront commission is only payable after a SIM has been active for 3 months and is in a current/paid up status
2 Ongoing commission is 5% of the customer's total bill excluding itemised billing from date of activation. Unlimited Talk package is 5% of the customer's Out-of-Bundle spend plus the customers total data spend per month from date of activation.

For example, lets say your customer takes a R100 Value bundle and a 1GB data bundle in August. Their monthly subscription will be R250, excluding any Out-Of-Bundle usage.

  • From the beginning of August, you will earn 5% of that customers total bill, with the first commission payment being made to you at the beginning of September

  • Once this customer has been active for 3 months, so the end of October, you will then be paid the customers first month’s subscription fees of R250

  • Please remember, that your customer’s account needs to be fully paid and up to date in order for any commission to be paid!

Your spend based commission will be paid from the first month of your customer’s usage. Your upfront bundle commission will be paid once your customer has activated, and has remained active with all subscriptions paid in full for 3 months. Payments to distributors are invoiced on the 14th of each month, and paid monthly in arrears.
Yes, reports are available on your Dashboard in your profile. You are able to download reports to view the status of each of your SIMs, and the related commissions received.
Customers need to visit, build their deal and then choose the already have a me&you SIM option.

Once they have registered, the system will recognize that the SIM belongs to a distributor, and will be allocated to your account for commission.