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as a distributor!

Distribute me&you mobile SIM cards and earn a commission from the date your client activates!

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How do I become a distributor?

Starting your own business with me&you mobile is as easy as simply signing up! There is no charge for becoming a distributor, and giving yourself the opportunity to earn both upfront and ongoing revenue!

Once you’ve signed up, you can immediately start ordering stock.

You will be charged R29 per SIM when you order your SIM cards. Should you wish to charge your customer a SIM fee, the recommended retail price is R29. SIMs can be ordered in batches of 50.

You will also be charged for delivery – the cost depending on the size of your order.

Use your profile on our website to easily manage your distributor account! Manage your SIM activity, view your commission reports, and order more SIMs!

What is the distributor commission structure?

As a me&you mobile distributor you have the opportunity of earning once off commission on every SIM activated, and also an ongoing revenue. See the commission table below outlining the commission that you can earn on the value bundles and data that your customer adds to their deal.


  • Upfront commission is only payable after a SIM has been active for 3 months and is in a current/paid up status.
  • Ongoing commission is 5% of the customer's total bill excluding itemised billing from date of activation. The Unlimited Talk package commission is 5% of the customer's Out-of-Bundle spend plus the customers total data spend per month from date of activation.
Bundle Once off payment
Monthly Deals 100% of Value
Unlimited Talk R300
Monthly Data 50% of Value
Ongoing Commission
5% for all bundles

Register as a Distributor